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LoLPoV - Fizz vs Zyra [Mid] (League of Legends Live Commentary)

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LoLPoV - Fizz vs Zyra [Mid] (League of Legends Live Commentary)

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Subscribe for DAILY videos just like this! Like me on Facebook! www.facebook.com/InvaderXive Join me over at Chat Channel "InvaderXive" in the NA LoL client Skype: InvaderXiveLoL Greetings Summoners! Today I present to you Point of View of me playing Fizz vs Zyra battling on the mid lane. I picked Fizz as a counter for Zyra. Hope you enjoy. Please comment, rate and subscribe! I'm uploading Videos DAILY. You can leave a suggestion in the comments on what you want me to play next, I'll do my best to get a game up with your suggestion ASAP. ==== Runes ==== Magic Pen Reds x9 mp/5 per level Yellows x9 Ability Power per Level Blues x9 Flat Ability Power Quints x3 ==== Masteries ==== 21/0/9 (Standard AP Caster)

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Vincent W : More fizz or jax pls
rune nielsen : Pres y
SlyCooper1536 : i don't get what u use for yellow runes there is no magic pen in yellow
Shin Jiraphongtrakul : can you do a fizz commentary 1 more time pls i love your commentaries!
Nixtro99 : Hrrmmm....sry about that
JimmMyHero : Thought you were already a friend of mine for a second, I have a very good Gragas on my list ;] no unfortunately I'm NA :/
Jaden Blanton : youtube is beaing bithc and very slow today
Emersed Rhyme : Isnt it annoying to get killed after killing someone?