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dolomiteblue1 : WTC 7 wasn't even mentioned in the 911 official be all end all investigation.
Patrick Lilley : I've seen about 10 of these and they are all very similar. None of them fall quite as far as this one, by observation. And a couple others have more of a tilt at the top and the antennae falls off. I'm a double engineer, but not a PE. There's a youtube by a Ross in London that gives a presentation at the YMCA. I've seen them all and studied everything to the best of my ability for nine years. I don't hold a candle to this dude and he's way, way down the youtube list with some 79,000 views. My God, he shows EXACTLY how it fell. Very simple, logical, undeniable, unbiased and leaves no doubt whatsoever. This is an amazing piece of software. I've seen it before somewhere else, HAVENT I ?
hawkins308 : I guess the bottom of the building was weaker then the top floors falling onto it, that or physics is wrong and the world is flat and all the women love me and I came up for the ideas of star wars and everything.
cory gall : The only thing it shows you is that it is clearly not a structure anymore. the building somehow went from they don't build them any stronger per claimed by a science magazine to a pile of rubble in 10 -15 seconds, controlled demolition has been proven to be false and has never worked in the history of taking down buildings yet the pancake collapse and trussets bowing theory are two made up theories that are supposed to be right . So i guess the only answer left on a multiple choice quiz would be controlled demolition and there's still people choosing the 2 wrong answers because they have doubts about the right answer. Okay answer A pancake collapse theory, answer B trussets bowing theory, and answer C controlled demolition notice how controlled demolition doesn't have a theory behind it and understand how this actually exists and is a firm method of taking down a building neatly. 
Владимир Беляев : shit, there's no accounting support center the colon...
ALAGOR ROGALA : first this is false, the material was blown outwards in a mushrooming effect, the tower did not collapse inwards on itself but outwards as it collapsed with material being ejected outwards not in a spring effect as suggested by the official conspirators but rather through an ejection force of over 100 miles per hour launching steel and concrete slabs 70 miles per hour hundreds of feet from there original position and even impaling them into the sides of surrounding buildings.
IonUCanada : was that santa and his reindeer filming this in their sled?
niceguy60 : Now do a Simulation for WTC 7 ?