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TheAmazonjude : sounds like our government.
matt whitton : can't have the public ripping people off...That's the job of the big banks and government..Wonder what the % of legal vs illegal transactions JP MORGAN could be done for?? hmm??!
Loki Joker : got RICH?? They made $100 k... in 4 years? WOW so $25,000 a Year, they Big time Charlies, alright...
Hebrew Executioner : arrest Larry silverstein
sarahsgift1 : And the Wall street crooks and corrupt politicians are not prosecuted for destroying the US economy? Clearly they are no different.
BornPatriot : yea, I was about to say the same thing... 100K, thats without a view no doubt. that sounds a lot more was confiscated than the damages done... why didnt they just pay them back, the benley is close to 100K
Txpilot84634 : the car and the gold coins were worth well over 100k and counting the 33k in cash and the uncashed checks..
odin422 : 100k.........is this a joke!!?!?!?