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Type XXI Elektroboat U-Boat Wunderwaffe "Wonder Weapon"

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Type XXI Elektroboat U-Boat Wunderwaffe "Wonder Weapon"

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CORRECTIONS TO PAGE ONE: Type XXI U-boats "Elektroboote" After World War II, the victorious powers (US, UK, Soviet Union)copied the German design for the Type XXI, which is considered the first real submarine. CORRECTIONS TO PAGE TWO: The Type XXI arrived too late for combat, but was used to rescue many German civilians from the Soviet Red Army and the constant Allied bomber attacks on German cities. This happened in violation of Hitler's orders which stated that no civilians were to be be allowed aboard u-boats for any reason, even for rescue.

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Clint Wickett : A video of the sub!
TheHorsenation : unfortunately no german documentary is without reminding Germans that they were all criminals. dumb dumb propaganda.
Marko Cetina : +Byron Cutshaw First of all, go and educate your self before telling someone should have to do, second your stupid country is source of all world problems, they always make war on someone elses ground! Where US democracy takes place, there the freedom is lost! and tell that to young people without job and for lost generations of many young people! Thats not hatred, its just the facts. Peace to you, and stay away from europe
Blitzpunk de : 0:45 Fatboy Slim für ne Kriegsdoku. Weia!
rulerss : good documentary but bad ending. just lies...
Jan Holyshit : Ihr wisst schon das diese tollen U-boote alle nur gebaut worden konnten weil sie unsere Pläne gestohlen haben? Diese dreckigen Amerikaner könnten ohne uns nicht einmal Vollautomatische Waffen bauen oder Düsenjets oder Tarnkappenbomber (den Hitler schon 1945 so gut wie fertig hatte). Oder die Sowjets die die AK 47 aus einem deutschen und einem Russischen Plan gemacht hatten. Wie soll ich diese ''Mächte'' (haha) ernst nehmen wenn keiner etwas erreicht hätte wenn sie uns nicht den Krieg aufgezwungen hätten und danach unser Land ausgeraubt hätten und sich alle möglichen Vorteile gesichert haben. Und wir dürfen heute in der Schulde Lügen über Lügen lernen
Robert Bell : Of course, it wasn't just Hitler's bad strategy. Donitz dictated that all submarines radio back to Berlin on a regular basis. And we just triangulated on those signals to locate them. With improved air cover and destroyer escorts, the submariners became easy prey. The over-reliance on the Enigma machine was also an achilles' heel - once the allied decoded it.
Zhonguoria : Sie haben zu tun, was sie tun zu haben. : )