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Pond Filter part 1

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Pond Filter part 1

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Home made koi pond filter. This is a home made filter I constructed using a 24" plastic flower pot , some PVC piping (3/4" for spray bar, 1" for drain/cleanout and 2" for return) Blue Bio balls, Bulkheads (3/4", 1" and 2") red buffing pads(coarse) and white (fine) for debri. 3/4" plywood for lid.

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alpcats : Nice job on the discharge, very Grecian looking...
PaulM708 : Thanks.
PaulM708 : Glad to see you used my idea and had a great success. Good luck and thanks for the compliment.
PaulM708 : I actually do let the water run over into my flowers when ever I flush out the pot. Thanks for the suggestion.
PaulM708 : I did have a huge problem with them at the beginig. This is why I leave the pot uncovered. In my earlier videos i had made a top for the pot but when I would remove the top to check the filter there would be tons of mosquitos. Ouch! I realized that by leaving the top off the sun would beam on the pot thus keeping them out. I also made sure there was plenty of movement in the pot so the wate didn't appear stagment. I was considering the mosquito dunk tablets for this summer. Just for precautions.
Dessy Herliana : please give me pic from u video...
PaulM708 : @c4prlm4st3r That's Greta. I'm glad you were able to use my idea. I think the pot gives a good asttetics to the pond. Good luck. Post a video or send me some pics.
kurtcollier : One of the best and most aesthetically bio filters I've seen.