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Pond Filter part 1

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Pond Filter part 1

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Home made koi pond filter. This is a home made filter I constructed using a 24" plastic flower pot , some PVC piping (3/4" for spray bar, 1" for drain/cleanout and 2" for return) Blue Bio balls, Bulkheads (3/4", 1" and 2") red buffing pads(coarse) and white (fine) for debri. 3/4" plywood for lid.

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Steppen03 : Cool! What size pump gph are you using for that filter?
alpcats : Nice job on the discharge, very Grecian looking...
NullVote : Use your drain as the inlet, and remove the outlet-extension which goes to the bottom. You want the water to flow upward, so it does not get "impacted" and thus, restricted. Feeding water in from the bottom, flowing out the top, will cause it to never "clog".
PaulM708 : Thanks.
PaulM708 : Glad to see you used my idea and had a great success. Good luck and thanks for the compliment.
PaulM708 : I actually do let the water run over into my flowers when ever I flush out the pot. Thanks for the suggestion.
PaulM708 : I did have a huge problem with them at the beginig. This is why I leave the pot uncovered. In my earlier videos i had made a top for the pot but when I would remove the top to check the filter there would be tons of mosquitos. Ouch! I realized that by leaving the top off the sun would beam on the pot thus keeping them out. I also made sure there was plenty of movement in the pot so the wate didn't appear stagment. I was considering the mosquito dunk tablets for this summer. Just for precautions.
Dessy Herliana : please give me pic from u video...