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Didaketex : Poor Japanese. Imagine having to live that ... Only see terrifies!
afiq amir zakee : Wait... Not siren before tsunami
sanne clark : Woow
Lena Stone : But that's fun,if u survive,if u got a swimming pool in the streets for a long time! :)
Lena Stone : Y are there sooooo many tsunamis in china? Wht is that? Seriously,in last 50 yrs,there was at least 30 tsunamis! :( there was a tsunami in australia,but it was just a small one! :) 
Lena Stone : Those fuck heads should've picked up that baby,not jump over it! Btw I watched this whole 1 and a half hour movie on discovery channel on foxtel long time ago! :( I cried and then at the end when all the kids survived on the umm helicopters,another tsunami came and wiped out all the parents away! Btw it's a true story,it happened in china in 2004 just when I was 4 years old! :(
01nenerose : Well this was a little over-exaggerated. 
wishmasterbrazen : im confused whether this is a movie trailer, or a bad cgi make of some fake tsunami?...