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Edward Weinstein : #jfk50years #jfk50 #jfk 
benwoo : Even after the president was killed, Bobby was killed, Martin Luther King was killed, the bell tower shooting in Austin by Charles Whitman, the country was not overcome by the leftist establishment to repeal the 2nd amendment. We have had an upsurge in public shootings this decade by mentally ill suicidal people, but the 60s had TONS of assassinations but that didn't cause everyone to attack our constitutional liberties. And you dumb liberals probably dont even know that JFK was a LIFELONG NRA MEMBER ( you know that "terrorist organization") and Cherished the 2nd Amendment. 
barthoedemaker : Pim Fortuyn felt the same for us Dutch... like you lost Kennedy. They where both killed by the establishment.
Manu Ginobilis Bald Spot : Could you imagine the loons who would've said THIS was a 'false flag' or something like that if the internet existed in December 1963? Politics aside, Walter Cronkite was the epitome of a true journalist. What happened to people who simply presented the information, without slant or bias.
Susan Watkins : I was 10 years old but remember it like it just happened yesterday.....
ldchappell1 : I was only six when President Kennedy was killed but I remember that day pretty well. I remember it being cold and clear that morning. We lived right next to my school and I had just walked home for the day. I was eating my lunch with my mom when a lady from across the street rang our doorbell. I heard her talking and then my mother gasped. "Oh no! Oh no!" I went in the living room and my my mom was standing there with her hand over her mouth shaking her head. For 3 days our family sat in the living room glued to the black and white TV we had in those days. The atmosphere was so gloomy and quiet I was afraid to say anything. Kind of sad that my first Civics lesson on the hierarchy of government was the day our President was killed. 
Thomas turner : One those moments in world history like Peal Habor or 9/11 that Changed everything. America was never the same after Kennedy was killed. The innocence had gone forever in place was a more cynical a fearful nation. . The year s that followed were nightmare for US: Vietnam, riots and Watergate.