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Shawn Klush World's Greatest Elvis

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Shawn Klush World's Greatest Elvis

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www.shawnklush.com Shawn Klush's round one performance of My Way on BBC1's World's Greatest Elvis. The judges' comentary at the end is amazing. Joe Esposito get's choked up talking about Shawn's performance. www.shawnklush.com for details

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Christian Haley : I hate that Elvis get's credit for this song. It was Frank Sinatra who originally made this song, written by Paul Anka. I strongly believe that they should have done a "Elvis Original" for this "championship".... Just my Opinion
†邪YOKOSHIMA : It's like Elvis in Body and Soul.....
jocelyn moore : Shawn Klush World's Greatest Elvis: http://youtu.be/1yB61_77au4
D. J. Tanner : Shawn is the closest you will ever get to Elvis Presley. He has the speaking voice, singing voice and Elvis's mannerisms down perfectly. Brilliant!!!
Ver Dad Kaysee : Shawn looks more like Elvis than others!
ForceStudios : Let me say just one lil` thing... ELVIS has to sound like an American. 3 "USA-things" `always in my dreams: "Superman, wonderful landscapes & ELVIS" (and I`m from Germany ;-) I had a blue-screen when I saw it for the 1.st time- but I still had audio... and at the beginning I thought ELVIS talkin´ bout something... but it was Shawn :D Damn, same/ n`or close timbre/voice (speaking voice)... he doesn`t need to be adjusted to sound like Elvis when he (Shawn) talks... and so he doesn`t have to adjust to sound like Elvis when he sings... it`s a natural voice...without masquerade or "acting" ! Maybe that`s (that all) the lil` difference ;-)
mikeyfish2much : shawn klush owned that dude
Vernon Smithjr : Orion thus far is the only true "that could be Elvis" impersonator. This Shaun guy is a good singer, but his inflection isn't like Elvis'.