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Homemade sandblaster and how to build

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Homemade sandblaster and how to build

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this was a old propane tank now iits a sandblaster i used black iron pipe pvc tubeing parts 2 1/2''tee's, 3 1/2''barbed fittings, 4 1/2''x3'' black iron pipe, 2 1/2'' threaded shut off valve, 1/2''elbow, 1/2'' to 1/4'' reduser, female air fitting, 10' pvc tube, 1 1/4''x4'' black iron pipe and cap, jb weld /and or welder and there you go kick ass sandblaster works great u can git it all at lowe's

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ron fox : I dig it , good job
Kevin S : lets see it in action!!!!!
bill p : Would think it should work for soda too?
bill p : I think it is a great ideal.
disgustapated : I think you're replying to wrong person. You're agreeing with me but who is Pat??
Alex Huntzinger : no i didnt use any thing for rust you should use a air/water/oil seprator the hole in the tank is 3/4 of an inch use black cast iron pipe with yellow gas line thred tape ball valves are a lot of money like 15 20 dollars a pic the gate valves are 4 dollars a pic no i did not put a dead mans valve on it i didnt have a lot of money to spend i cant make a vid of me useing it because i dont have an air compressor bigenf to power the sand blaster and i moved to an apt and my garage does not have power
Ichiban Moto : Nice set up ! Wish I saw this before making mine!
John Doc. : I've just started making a similar pot using the same size tank. Instead of welding the pipe connections, I've run a single length of pipe right through, with about 3"protruding top and bottom. It has holes drilled in it just inside the tank at either end (for Air and Grit flow). It's bonded in place with epoxy resin, injected through the filling hole. Just need a filler tube and cap now...