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Hooverdarnit : Where's the evidence Obama's mother WAS EVER married to Obama Sr? Where's the proof they got a divorced? Besides, Obama Sr. looks NOTHING like little Barry. Now take a look at Frank Marshall Davis. Davis is Obama's REAL father.
Angelika van Coevenhoven : I am sure, he is programmed. poor boy. poor people. their time is running out anyway. good by america. hallo mother earth and humn nature!
ZeeRoeThree : Made in a test tube.
Spence Stephen : If he was CIA who should be surprised? George h.w was director of CIA before he was president.
Welcome_to_Rapture : George Carlin and Bill Hicks tried to save us....
Leslie Jones : There is a petition for congress to investigate in Obama's forged birth certificate and stolen SSNs. Go to orlytaitzesq, and then there's a .com. Scroll down and click on the Statue of Liberty picture to petition. Please pass this on to others! Together we can make a huge difference. To learn more about this issue go to youtubeDOTcom/watch?v=BUcyb5pm­­­­­­­UKI
Direkt ThaBoneKollekta : barrack hussien Obama case closed
iBacchusUK : ha ha... debunk this you sheeple...