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The 2011 Short Film Of The Year Awards

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The 2011 Short Film Of The Year Awards

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Kayak Session Magazine Best Short Film of the Year Awards - The final cut announced!... For the first time and in its 10 year anniversary, Kayak Session magazine will award the 'Best Short Film of the Year Awards'. This Movie is this year's FINAL CUT - the top 6 finalists - ! - Just water, by Twelve Production - Whitewater Grand Prix, by Tribe - Dane jackson on Detonator, by Rush Sturges (rev. innovations) - Rain Drop, by Stef Pion (DK prod.) - Biluti River - Siberia, by Tomass Marnics - Mitsasini River - Quebec, by Bomb Flow TV Selected among its weekly selection called the "best of the web weekly in whitewater kayaking", sent out every week to over 50.000 people. (A selection of the best and freshest posts the Kayak Session Magazine editorial team finds on the web every week.). The Best Short Film Award winners, will be announced at the end of the year. (Criteria for the selection are cinematography, editing, image quality, story telling, creativity, and off course kayak performance.) http://vimeo.com/30780319

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Ricardo Bernado : What is the first song ?
Reginald Louis : what is the song at 5:00?
Steve Wilson : whitewater kayakers = a rare breed of crazy
John Hand : The very last song sounds like it was sung by the pervert grandpa on Family Guy
John Hand : Damn this is badass...
Reubonic Delwijnen : this is the best sport ever
Marc-Andre : 6:15...........some day...
Jimmy D : did anyone throw him a rope or is he still in there?