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Kelly Anderson : We used to call warehouse rd. the plantation. Had some long days up in there..Good times.
FuPoo : Get me something CAPCOM related.
thiefatnite : I was there 3-87 to 3-88, Maint Bn in the Supply Warehouse. I remember moving from the old 1 story barracks to the High Risers that were just built,ahh I hated field days.
WingrR12 : man i rly miss okinawa... can you make a clear video driving past the messhall to at least Kinser elementary taking the straight road from the messhall
Johnson842 : Where did you work? I was there from 91-94 and it looks to me like you were leaving where the 31st MEU was at that time. I worked at the little motor pool right up the hill from you...
CR7CRAKA : Hey thanks bro. I liked this video a lot. I used to drive all over oki. I was station at kinser. Right in front of the messhall is a sunken ship and a dwarf. Please post a video of it. On clear summer weekends it's a great spot to go snorkeling. I recommend it. You can get the gear at the store right there by the chowhall and barracks. I got a water proof camera and got great pictures. You'll remember it forever.
tasfiya : Was stationed on Kinser 95-96. Worked at the SMU and had a hell of a time. Pool parties and running Kadena Air Force Base RED. Damn they hated us.
TheSouthkid22 : Hey man I really enjoyed every second of this video all thought the camera man was playin around wit the Oki while your there.I miss it soooo much.Probably gonna be my best memory while im in the Marine Corps.