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Thang Vuong : This man must be pooping constantly.
schatzi333221 : I'm not 5 minutes in, and all I'm thinking is Orthorexia.
Thang Vuong : This chick needs psychological help if she thinks the aging process is an ailment. Time stands still for no one.
jawad muhammad : did anyone notice that they played dr dre music the second they started talking about elizabeth because she is black!!! racist mofos
Evelyn S. : She is right. Not all skinny people have issues with food. In fact a lot of them hate being skinny. My best friends is very skinny, and she eats HUGE portions. She inherited her skinny-ness from her mother. She doesn't eat less then the normal her portions are huge!! I feel so bad because she tries so hard to gain weight and can't. 
dj97xo : To think that now big bums are the rage!! hahah how have times changed...😳😱😂😂
Tessa Leeland : hahaha "old ladies are always falling over" lol
Rei W : elizabeth looks young for her age adn w/ her frame, she looks about 20 years younger. and she still has a rather nice tush but her voice is a total giveaway. -_- her portion sizes too small but i can totally live on her diet although she has to add a few more stuff. they're better than what the guy's eating.