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Ale Bon : @griffour20 me too, im a really good player at 8-ball, but in five pins billiard, i cant win a match! :@ i know this is carom, in five pins you have five pins in the middle of the table but is very related to carom, but you shot only one shot no matter what you do...
gmomartinez : no, they are about the same size, but heavier cues are recommended.
bandit7498 : @JonasLind1987 You'll notice the shot at 1:32 he hits the rail before the 1st ball is contacted. Which means you don't have to hit the ball 1st, then 3 rails.
IFOUROS : You just need practice... I started playing french billirad 2 months ago and i have already won a tournament in my town.!
Golderlight Gaming : They make it look so easy but people dont relize that it is a skilled game hitting the red then of 3 cusions and then hitting yellow is almost like trick shot.
TechmanFred : lol you have no idea what you´re talking about, believe me :)
Phil Hipe : Precision diabolique
underground0173 : "凄いっすねぇ" mean "excellent"