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Faracha Ahmed : Macha'allah
nss27 : Assalamu alaykum, I am a pretty tolerant traditionalist, but this is really turning a noble act of worship into something ridiculous. Not only is there no benefit in this mixed dance, it is, by the consensus of the ulama, unpermissible and a sin. Sign o' times, perhaps, corrupting even the most pristine practices of religion.
k ufuk köseoğlu : the ist not nice resctricjted viht women
Irfan Adams : WHAT THE FUCK....
may2269 : May Allah Swt guide you and give you Hidaya.
may2269 : Are u remembering the prophet or making a mockery of him?
azherahmed2003 : haza mafi koiz kef haza hurma qwof allha
Khateejah Shameema : What rubbish man. . . Why the hell are you all dancing on the salaam to the prophet (saw). . . U lack islamic knwledge my dear ;-)